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5 Habits to Make and 5 Habits to Break Before the First Trimester


What to Look for in Your Prenatal Vitamin

How to choose a prenatal vitamin  First, I want to start by saying, it is very hard to make a blanket recommendation when it comes to taking prenatal vitamins because everyone is starting at a different place nutritionally, follow various diets, and may eliminate...

10 Foods to Definitely Include in Your Prenatal Diet

What foods should you include in your diet now that you are responsible for the health of a growing baby? While there is no list of "superfoods" that will guarantee you to have a perfect pregnancy or the smartest baby on the block, this list has several foods that...

Is my breastfeeding diet different than my pregnancy diet?

Nutrition and Breastfeeding Many people think eating during pregnancy is the difficult part and once they have the baby there is a small sigh of relief because they don't have to follow all the "strict" rules of pregnancy anymore, however; breastfeeding is still a...

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Edible San Diego Feature: All About Artichokes

I recently wrote an article on California’s state vegetable, Artichokes!  Most people like the idea of artichokes but are scared off by the task of actually cooking one themselves. Read the article to learn a little history, find out the nutritional benefits,  and get advice on how to prep and cook artichokes. 

Dial a Dietitian Interview

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Amiee Sarchet with Nutrition Elevated. Her “Dial a Dietitian” series was created to help nutrition students learn about areas of work in dietetics, but also allows the public to gain insight into what RD’s do. If you want to find out a little bit more about what I do, stay tuned, the interview will be posted soon!

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